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Business is nothing without a solid marketing and promotion plan. Even the most excellent product in the world needs to build awareness before people flock to purchase it. Unfortunately, most great marketing plans require relatively large budgets, to be able to cover all needed activities. This is one of the reasons why an ambitious business shouldn’t disregard SEO as a solid source of qualified leads.

SEO done right enables a business to rank well in search engines for the most lucrative keywords in its industry. Keywords that show a purchase intent have much higher conversion rates than general terms. The reason is easy to understand if we think about the purchasing process. People who are in the early stage of the process are seeking for information about certain products and services. They do have a need, but they don’t know whether that product is going to satisfy it.

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Once they learn how a certain product can benefit them, people change their search terms to more specific ones. They may include modifiers such as “buy”, “cheap” and “comparison”. As these keywords are used by people who are almost ready to make a purchase, it’s worth trying to rank for them. Unfortunately, many of them are highly competitive, thus requiring expert work and advice from professional SEO companies. These experts have access to untapped sources of high-quality backlinks. They also use the best research tools of their industry, tools that would cost a business more than the agency fees, if they were to buy them for in-house use. As Google has restricted access to most of their search data, there’s no viable source of free information about the competitiveness and the volume of various search keywords.

This is another reason why a business should hire an SEO agency. These companies have the best experts in keyword research. They can discover real gems, terms with excellent commercial intent and with high search volumes, but with weak or average level of competition. These are real gold nuggets, as they are relatively easy to rank for, while being highly lucrative. Nonetheless, as Google Keyword Planner doesn’t show all possible keywords related to a specific term, it is a must to hire an SEO expert who has access to other sources of keyword research such as Ahrefs, SemRush, SimilarWeb and Moz Pro, to name only a few of the best tools of the trade. All these providers charge their clients a monthly fee which isn’t negligible. At their turn, they have to aggregate and process huge amounts of data, in order to be able to provide such information in any niche or industry of interest.

Besides, all these tools have a steep learning curve, so it would take a business owner many days or even weeks, just to learn the ropes of each one. In addition, only an SEO expert can assess the real difficulty of ranking for a particular keyword. As the top position in the SERPs drives the most traffic, keywords that are too difficult may not be the best choice for a new business. If the best possible ranking is 5 or 6, there isn’t much point in targeting that keyword at all. However, in order to be able to assess the best possible position your website can get, you need to perform a thorough analysis of the top ranking websites, to see if you can beat them.

All these considerations lead to the conclusion that hiring an SEO company to rank #1 on Google, Youtube, Amazon, and Social Media is a must for all businesses that want to grow and reach their full potential. Good SEO services aren’t cheap, but they are worth it, as they have the power of bringing a business on top of search engines.

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